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Absolute Land

Absolute Land

Absolute Land

Absolute Land


To celebrate 10 years as the official vodka of Coachella, Young Hero helped Absolut launch a first-of-its-kind Web3 experience to mix festival-goers in the desert with fans in the metaverse. Digitally, physically, literally. With over 10 interactive elements, coveted wearables, and a chance to teleport from Decentraland to Coachella IRL.


Young Heros for Absolut

My Role:

Creative Lead , Design, Build



Service Provided:

Concepting , UX/UI, 3D Build

The results were outstanding! 

  • 260,000 visitors to the Absolut Coachella tent

  • 30,000 meta visits over two festival weekends (a high for branded Decentraland experiences)

  • 1.5+ billion earned media impressions over 6 days of Coachella

  • 108+ million social media impressions; 12% follower growth

  • 90,000 anti-gravity dances; 11,000 shaker clicks; 34,000 vending machine clicks

  • Participants from over 100 countries

  • 20 minutes average time in experience

  • Record for Decentraland’s longest dance party (12+ hours)

  • $450,000+ in sales over the two festival weekend (1.5x more than in 2019)

  • Over 4,000 orders on Drizly (across 36 states)

  • 8X more hashtag mentions than the next closest brand/celebrity driven experience in DecentralandABSOLUT 'BORN TO MIX'

Architecture Design

With the intent of constructing a permanent home for the brand in the metaverse, we sculpted the facade of our building in homage to the iconic Absolut bottle. Brand elements like Absolut’s signature seal and product flavors inspired each subsequent virtual room within. Through thoughtful consideration of functionality, we worked with our partners Parcel Party to implement passive environmental actions like music that triggered automatic dance moves and anti-gravity floors that allowed users to travel between floors via a gravity-defying mosh pit